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Cover for The Quiet Heart

The Quiet Heart

Alison had married for convenience, and when her husband died, she still had his three daughters to look after in Leyden Hall. When she meets the new master of the hall, architect ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Red Silk Scarf

B. J. Harrison Reads The Red Silk Scarf

From the books that inspired the new Netflix series "Lupin" with Omar Sy.Arsene Lupin is suddenly and suspiciously willing to share some secrets with Inspector Ganimard which will ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Wedding Ring

B. J. Harrison Reads The Wedding Ring

From the books that inspired the new Netflix series "Lupin" with Omar Sy.Yvonne d’Origny’s life is full of misery, hatred and fear. She has tried to divorce her malicious husband, ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Vampyre

B. J. Harrison Reads The Vampyre

Aubrey is a young Englishman, who meets Lord Ruthven – a mysterious man who has recently entered London’s upper class. The two men travel to Rome. There Ruthven does something that ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads Xélucha

B. J. Harrison Reads Xélucha

One night during his regular rambles, Mérimée stumbles upon a mysterious woman who invites him home to her place. They enter a big, dark but luxuriously furnished room and they spe ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Thing in the Weeds

B. J. Harrison Reads The Thing in the Weeds

"The Thing in the Weeds" is a short story by William Hope Hodgson from his 'Sargasso Sea Stories' in which he portrays a monster lurking in the darkest recesses of the unfathomable ...

Cover for Thumbelina


A woman wanted to have a child, but not knowing how to go about it, asked a witch for help. The witch gave her a barley seed and told her to plant it. No sooner had she done so tha ...

Cover for The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes

There was once an emperor who was only interested in one thing, his clothes. He spent all his money on his outfits and had a different one for every time of day and every occasion. ...

Cover for The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

At the bottom of the ocean lived the sea king, his old mother and his six daughters. They lived in a beautiful castle, surrounded by a big garden, of which each daughter took care ...

Cover for The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling (1842) tells the story of a duckling who is rejected by everyone, including his family, because he looks different. Tired of being made fun of, he decides to go f ...

Cover for Laukaus


Sotilas Silvion kunniaa loukataan, kun hänen kanssaan aseelliseen kaksinkamppailuun lupautunut mies ei ota oman elämänsä puolustamista tosissaan. Loukkaantunut Silvio päättää odott ...

Cover for Oulua soutamassa

Oulua soutamassa

Talonpoika Erkki, morsian Katri ja renki Jussi ovat laittaneet veneen vesille. He ovat lähdössä viemään tervaa Kuhmosta Ouluun. Erkki ei kuitenkaan aavista, että myös Jussilla on t ...

Cover for Yksin


Mies rakastuu ystävänsä sisareen Annaan. Hän on tiennyt Annan aina, mutta vasta viime vuosina tyttö on puhjennut kukkaan – kasvanut naiseksi. Annalle mies on kuitenkin vain vanha p ...

Cover for Postimestari ja hänen tyttärensä

Postimestari ja hänen tyttärensä

Komea hussaarikapteeni Minski saapuu postimestarin luokse. Häntä palvelee mestarin tytär, kaunis Dunja, joka herättää Minskin huomion. Dunja on kypsä ja kohtelias, eikä Minski ole ...

Cover for Mistress of Brown Furrows

Mistress of Brown Furrows

Carol Inglis is leading a glamorous life and has come far from her days at an English boarding school. Yet she feels that something essential is missing: true love from her husband ...

Cover for The Gates of Dawn

The Gates of Dawn

Richard Trenchard was a man used to having his way, so when he wants his sister to pass over her secretary Melanie Brooks as a companion to his young niece, she has to succumb to h ...

Cover for Victoria and the Nightingale

Victoria and the Nightingale

Victoria survives a car accident along with her employer’s son and begins to care for the boy, who is now fatherless. Sir Peter kindly enough provides the two with a place to stay. ...

Cover for Sininen enkeli

Sininen enkeli

Lehtori Raat ei pidä ihmisistä – ja sen hänen oppilaansa saavat tuntea nahoissaan jokaikinen päivä. Lehtorin elämän kohokohta on, jos hän saa oppilaan kiinni pahanteosta. Silloin R ...

Cover for New Year's Eve Fairy Tales

New Year's Eve Fairy Tales

Bring in the New Year with the whimsical fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen! This collection of wonderful stories are centred around New Year’s Eve and will enchant children an ...

Cover for So Dear to my Heart

So Dear to my Heart

Virginia accompanies Lisa, her young pianist of a sister, to Switzerland where the latter can get help with her hand injury and play piano again. The famous Swiss surgeon, Dr. Leon ...

Cover for Hanna


Herkkä ja vastuuntuntoinen Hanna ihastuu Woldemart-nimiseen lyseolaiseen. Nuori nainen saa kuitenkin kokea karvaan pettymyksen, kun Woldemart menee naimisiin Hannan ystävän kanssa. ...

Cover for Ängel på villovägar

Ängel på villovägar

När drottning Victoria beordrar Tilda att gifta sig med prinsen av det avlägsna landet Oberia måste hon åka dit för att träffa honom, trots att hon verkligen inte vill gifta sig me ...

Cover for Wild Sonata

Wild Sonata

Melanie has been the ward of Sir James and called the estate of Wroxford Priory her home. When Sir James dies and the new heir – his nephew – arrives, things are not off to a grea ...

Cover for Ruttovuosi


On vuosi 1665. Rutto on saapunut Lontooseen. Paikallinen satulakauppias on kahden vaiheilla – pitäisikö hänen paeta kaupungista vai jäädä sinne? Lopulta satulakauppias päättää jääd ...

Cover for The Wings of the Morning

The Wings of the Morning

No one is more surprised than Kathy when she receives an invitation from Lady Fitzosborne for some weekend festivities. Usually, such invitations are extended to her more attractiv ...