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Cover for Bamses mellanmålsbok

Bamses mellanmålsbok

I Bamses mellanmåls-bok hittar du Bamse och hans vänners recept på mellanmål. Du kan till exempel laga Kapten Busters bakade potatis, göra Skalmans gröna snacks och baka Nina Kanin ...

Cover for Äppelkungar


”Det sägs att äppelkärnan måste ha passerat en komage innan den kan gro”, säger Kurt-Egon. ”Jag låter ju korna beta här bland äppelträden efter slåttern, så vem vet?”Ryktet stämmer ...

Cover for Viinitollon käsikirja

Viinitollon käsikirja

Viinipuhe on ihan liian vaikeaa! Viinistä voi nauttia, vaikka lasillisesta ei löytäisi ryhdikästä harteikkuutta tai erottaisi kevyttä tomaatinlehtisyyttä. Viini kuuluu muillekin ku ...

Cover for Bamses kokbok

Bamses kokbok

I Bamses kokbok bjuder Bamse och hans vänner på sina bästa recept. Ni kan till exempel laga Farmors köttbullar till middag, Teddys tonfiskrullar till mellanmål och baka Bamses honu ...

Cover for PoP : Postoperativa Portioner

PoP : Postoperativa Portioner

PoP  Postoperativa portioner är en receptbok som innehåller över 40 goda, näringsrika och lättlagade recept för dig som har gjort en viktoperation, oavsett operationsmetod. Syftet ...

Cover for Elsas husdröm

Elsas husdröm

Från sorg, självkänsla och familj. Nu delar Elsa Billgren med sig av allt hon lärt sig om livet genom inredning, loppisbesök och matlagning i sitt sommarhus på Gotland. Kliv in i e ...

Cover for Cooking up the Past

Cooking up the Past

This volume focuses on the ways in which the production and consumption of food developed in the Aegean region in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, to see how this was linked to ...

Cover for The Grand Tour Cookbook

The Grand Tour Cookbook

The long awaited ultimate performance cookbook, a modern classic, a must-have for all cycling aficionados serious about nutritional intake. Translated from the original in Danish, ...

Cover for Churchill's Cookbook

Churchill's Cookbook

Churchill is well-known for his hearty appetite and love of food. This book gives a fascinating insight into what he ate during the Second World War, containing over 250 delicious ...

Cover for A Turkish Cookbook

A Turkish Cookbook

All Arto der Haroutunian’s twelve cookbooks written in the 1980s became classics; it was his belief that the rich culinary tradition of the Middle East is the main source of many o ...

Cover for English Puddings

English Puddings

Thanks to so many of today's star chefs producing classic hearty meals as their signature dishes, we are all rediscovering the delights of our native puddings, both sweet and savor ...

Cover for The Dal Cookbook

The Dal Cookbook

2015 Gourmand Awards WINNER BEST INDIAN CUISINEDal is to India what pasta is to Italy. Cheap to produce, highly nutritional, suitable for long storage and capable of being cooked i ...

Cover for The Taste of Belgium

The Taste of Belgium

2015 Gourmand Award Winner BEST FOREIGN-INTERNATIONAL CUISINEFirst published in 1996 (and selling over 50,000 copies) but out of print for many years, now back by popular demand is ...

Cover for Best of Jane Grigson

Best of Jane Grigson

Published to coincide with the anniversary of 25 years since her untimely death and having been out of print for more than a decade, Grub Street is republishing the ultimate compen ...

Cover for Raw Snacks

Raw Snacks

Spicy nuts, crunchy raw chocolate truffles, dream bars, licorice almonds, grape lollipops, date fudge, candy crunch popsicles, nut shakes, coffee substitutes and energy drinks are ...

Cover for Raw Cakes

Raw Cakes

Welcome to the sweet life! This book is for people who want to live healthily, but also love delicious and inviting cakes. For health is not only about diets and guilt. Health is a ...

Cover for Cook's Encyclopaedia

Cook's Encyclopaedia

Here in almost 500 pages is a descriptive compendium of just about everything we eat and how we cook it. Arranged alphabetically from Abalone to Zampone, the majority of entries in ...

Cover for Deliciously Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free

Deliciously Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free

Antoinette Savill’s first book for Grub Street, Learn to Cook Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free is one of our best-selling health titles. And so by popular demand here is her latest col ...

Cover for Cuisine Niçoise

Cuisine Niçoise

Nice may conjure up the very essence of sophisticated chic – The Promenade des Anglais, the Hotel Negresco and the casinos – but its culinary traditions are all about simplicity, p ...

Cover for Vegetarianism


Though the word ‘vegetarianism’ was not coined until the mid-nineteenth century, the vegetarian diet has been around as long as man has. Vegetarians have included in their number: ...

Cover for Veggie Fast Food

Veggie Fast Food

Are you under the impression that vegetarians can’t have fast food? On the contrary! This exciting new cookbook offers more than 80 quick and easy veggie recipes – from Manchego qu ...

Cover for Book of Latin American Cooking

Book of Latin American Cooking

Skilfully utilizing and adapting everyday ingredients - which lend themselves surprisingly well - Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz introduces the reader to the subtle marriages of texture a ...

Cover for Home Baked

Home Baked

Britain is in the grip of cake mania. The Women's Institute, spiritual home of the iced occasion fruitcake, reported that interest in its baking courses was up 60 per cent in 2008; ...

Cover for Real Flavours

Real Flavours

REAL FLAVOURS is an entirely rewritten and updated third edition of Glynn's Delicatessen Food Handbook, described by Nigel Slater as 'one of the only ten books you need'. It's a ha ...

Cover for From Microliths to Microwaves

From Microliths to Microwaves

This important book is a ground breaking work on the subject of British food. It had been thought that civilization in Britain, which stems from farming, food and cookery all bega ...